Concepts/ definitions/ meanings of program plan, program scheme

Concepts/ definitions/ meanings of program plan, program scheme,
program development, concept paper
• Program plan is a systematic arrangement of elements or important parts; a
configuration or outline or arrangement of something.
•Program plans include those related to: human resources, communication
methods, and risk management.
• It is to formulate a scheme or program for the accomplishment, enactment, or
attainment of some goals.
Project planning is a discipline for stating how to complete a project within a certain
timeframe, usually with defined stages, and with designated resources. Project
planning deals with
•Identifying deliverables
•Planning the schedule
•Setting objectives (these should be measurable)
•Making supporting plans
Definitions/concepts continue
Program Schemes
A systematic plan of action, An orderly combination of related parts, A chart, diagram, or
outline of a system or object
Program design
Program design is one of the most important stages for program development.
Program development components are
• What is this program about?
•Why is this program needed?
•What will program participants be able to do upon graduation?
•Who are the intended students?
Four major stages in the program development cycle
• Study Agency Culture
•Targeted Program Development
•Operational Strategies
•Follow-up Analysis
Program Development Cycle
Agency Culture
•Strategic Directions (goals and objectives, future products and services)
Targeted Program Development
•Obtain Participant Input
•Needs assessment
•Specify Program Goals
•Program Design- conceptualize and plan the action scenarios and configurations of program
components needed to a program.
Operational Strategies
•Program Plan
Follow-up Analysis
•Disposition Decision
•Possible decisions about the future of a program
•Continue the program without modification
•Or to continue it with modifications, or to end it.
Idea about concept paper
Program concept paper is a central document from which the needs assessment, the detailed program
development, and the full, formal proposal flow.
1. It communicates program objectives to create a new program to stakeholders within the program
areas and services
2. It enables reviewers to give approval to proceed with the needs assessment and full proposal
3. It focuses the needs assessment on the essentials of the new program.
4. It enables rethinking and revision, if needed, before further effort are spent on the details of the
program and formal proposal.
5. It gives operational and stakeholder a “heads up” to the new program, allowing them to give you
timely information.
6. It assists all parties with detailed descriptions of services, program development and operational
7. Some people state the concept paper is an appendix to the proposal).
9. After implementation, the program concept paper become key in program development,
accountability, and sustainability reviews.
Concept paper components
Concept paper contains
•Description of proposal
•Purpose/Rationale Program aim and goals
•Organizational structure, resources
• Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
•Potential services, programs
•Future R &D directions
•Program implementation strategies, monitoring devices