What is the theory

What is the theory?
Multiple Intelligences
Learning Styles
Thos e who view all
behavior as a response
to external stimuli
Those who focus on
learning as a mental
operation that begins
when information
enters through the
senses, undergoes
mental manipulation, is
stored, and finally used
Those who believe that
knowledge is a
constructed element
resulting from the
learning process and
that knowledge is
unique to the individual
who constructs it
There is more to
intelligence than what
was historically
measured by IQ tests,
possibly nine different
aspects of intellegences
Those conditions under
which an individual best
learns. The most
common learning style
theory identifies three
primary modalities for
learning: auditory,
visual, and kinesthetic
Who’s established
Key Theorists
Ivan Pavlov, John
Watson, and B.F.
Jerome Bruner, David
Ausubel, and Jean
What is the theory
really saying?
Summary of Theory
An organism that
performs or doesn’t
perform an action due
to either positive,
negative, or neutral
An organism knows
how to perform an
action after observation
and the information is
stored, and is more
complex than just a
stimulus response
Seymour Papert, Robert
Gagné, Lev Vygotskym
and Albert Bandura
One doesn’t learn just
mentally but also based
on experiences with
those mental processes
Howard Gardner
There are different
areas of intelligence,
such as intelligence for
language, math, music,
How one best learns
whether the learn best
by hearing, reading, or
doing, etc..