vision tower - Kiryat Atidim

The Kiryat Atidim
Vision Tower
“If you yearn it, it is no legend”
“Yearns and actions are not as different as people
tend to think, for all human deeds begin with a dream,
and end with a dream… And if you don’t yearn, then
everything I’ve told you is but a legend, and a legend it
will merely be”.
(Theodor Herzl)
It took more than half a century to fulfill Theodor Herzl’s
which was fulfilled by another (David Ben-Gurion). Herzl
never lived to see it.
Fulfilling a vision is not a simple task. It
takes time, devotion,
persuasion and most importantly - location
The Kiryat Atidim symbol of vision!
The largest office space in Israel!
One of the world’s most advanced facilities!
Magnificent, secured lobby!
Coffee shops and commercial areas!
A clear view to nature
A controlled air condition system, operated through an
energy center
Non-limited redesign of spaces
12 fast automatic elevators
Underground parking of 1,500 parking spots
If you have a vision – this is the place
to fulfill it!
Kiryat Atidim
The City of business and hi-tech
Kiryat Atidim
Is owned by Tel Aviv University and the Tel Aviv Municipality
Companies with great visions started here:
Intel, Scitex, Nice, M-systems, Alvarion, Rad Binat, BMC, Applied Materials
Some residents of Kiryat Atidim are now considered to be pillars
of Israeli economy:
Medinol, Icq Ness, Avaya
Kiryat Atidim
Approximately 90 dunams at the heart of the
beautiful north of Tel Aviv
A live and vigorous business environment
A vast communications infrastructure
Eco-friendly infrastructure
Multi-purpose structures
4,000 parking spaces, kindergarten, coffee
shops, restaurants, dentists, hair dresser, KwikKopy, a bank.
Kiryat Atidim, 2007
The Location
Northern Tel Aviv
The center of Kiryat Atidim
Is a quick 10 minute drive from the center of Tel Aviv
1/2 an hour drive from the airport
Crossed by major road systems (roads 2 and 4)
Adjacent to the Tel Aviv Northern train station
Integrated into the Tel Aviv suburb train plan
Shorten the distance – to your big dreams
Architectural Drawings
A typical floor
Cross section
Existing parking
Commerce floor
Parking lot
So where will you
fulfill your vision?
Information in English on request
Kiryat Atidim
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