Mifalot - Cherish Our Children International

Education and Social
Project "Mifalot"
Location: primarily Israel; also
Palestinian Authority, Jordan;
consulting and training for programs
in Africa (Rwanda, Cameroon), Haiti,
and most recently in India.
 Fifteen years ago, one of Israel’s premier soccer
teams came up for sale.
 Three friends…Israeli business people,
understood that if they had a premier league
team and professional sports stars, they’d be
able to attract children to an educational project.
 They bought the team in order to do that project,
the reverse of the usual process where owners
have a team and then decide to do something
nice for the community.
 The new owners of Hapoel Tel Aviv, emerging
from a deep background in the Israeli scouting
movement, bought the team and began the
 They are fulfilling their original vision:
“We can’t think of a more important way to give
back to the community and fulfill our social
responsibility than by reaching out to make a
difference in the lives of youth from the most
vulnerable areas of society.”
Whom we serve:
The Education and Social Project of
Hapoel Tel Aviv ("Mifalot") is the
largest and most diverse sport for
development program in the Middle
Its mission is to transform the lives of
disadvantaged and at-risk children
and promote understanding among
different groups in Israel and the
 Mifalot harnesses the power of sport for
enrichment and values education,
to teach life skills to children with
special needs, promote the integration
and inclusion of newly arrived
immigrants and refugees, and create
bonds of friendship among children
from diverse and often mutually
hostile backgrounds.
The project gives disadvantaged
children a sense of belonging to
something big and successful and
that they can be winners themselves.
It gives hope for a better future,
developing leadership among youth, a
sense of self-esteem and mutual
 Mifalot includes more than 20,000 children and
youth in over 300 programs in Israel, the
Palestinian Authority, and Jordan, and has
shared its expertise in Rwanda, Cameroon,
Haiti and most recently India.
 All of the children are in need, in some
significant way disadvantaged and at risk.
 Beyond that, there is an incredible diversity of
boys and girls from poor neighborhoods,
towns, villages; children in sheltered boarding
schools; children with special needs; youth in
prison; immigrant and refugee children.
Bridge to Peace- Mifalot
Mifalot has over 300 projects that use soccer to
accomplish the following program objectives:
Promote peace and coexistence by creating bonds of
friendship between Israelis, Palestinians and
Provide much needed assistance to children living in
at-risk or isolated environments in our region and
Teach life skills to children with special needs.
Promote the integration and inclusion of newly
arrived immigrants and refugees into Israeli society.
Encourage the social integration of Arab-Israelis by
empowering the individual and the Arab-Israeli
Shape socially responsible and value enriched
leaders for tomorrow.
 Mifalot leverages the platform provided by the
Hapoel Tel Aviv Premier League Soccer
Team to engage political institutions, the
corporate sector, the general public, andthe
international community to ensure that due
attention is paid to the most pressing social
issues in the region and internationally.
The Hapoel Tel Aviv Football Club has shifted the
public’s perception about the role of a professional club
in helping children and communities. Rather than
carrying the image of a marketing ploy or public
relations campaign, Mifalot is viewed by its funders,
supporters, and partners as an earnest and effective
use of sport to promote social development and peace.
Team Pledge of Fair Play
Sports for Special Kids
 http://youtu.be/LtmHoUbXjsg