Introduction to shielded arc welding and welding in general

Introduction to shielded arc
welding and welding in general
Introduction to shielded arc welding
 1- What is shielded arc welding? Describe it.
 2- Identify some safety precautions for shielded arc
 3- What are some procedures for striking an arc?
 4- List the basic weld joints and positions.
 5- List the equipment needed for shielded arc welding.
 6- Examine some basic weave patterns used in shielded
metal arc welding.
What is shielded arc welding?
 1. Shielded arc welding is a fusion process where heat is obtained from
an electric arc which is formed between a base metal and an electrode.
 2. Some safety precautions are:
 A)Don't strike arc until helmet is in place.
 B)Wear proper clothing.
 C)Hold electrode by insulated handle.
 D)Proper ventilation.
 E) Avoid welding near combustible material.
 F) Always wear safety glasses.
 G)Never stand in water when welding.
 H)Never weld on closed containers.
 3. Hold the electrode at a 15 degrees travel angle and either tap or
strike an arc then position electrode 1/8 inch from metal.
What is shielded arc welding? (cont.)
 4. Some basic weld joints are Butt, Tee, Lap, Corner and Edge.
 5. Welding positions are flat, horizontal and overhead.
 6. Some of the equipment used includes:
A) Grinder
E) Chipping Hammer
B) Helmet
F) Clothes/Sleeves
C) Vice Grips G) Helmet
D) Wire Brush
Why is understanding welding important to the agriculture
 Used for construction, repairs and industry
 Provides many jobs to the industry.
 Creates a higher need for development in
technology and metal fabrication.
 What else can you think of?