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Choose A Healthy Breakfast
A High Energy Breakfast = a High Energy Day
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How many hours does your body go
without eating when you skip breakfast?
• On average, about sixteen hours
Ask yourself these questions…
• What time did you eat dinner last night?
• If you did not eat breakfast, what time do you
normally eat lunch?
• How long is your body going without food?
• What are some reasons why you skip
Breakfast should supply what
percent of our daily nutrients?
• According to the USDA, the School Breakfast Program
must supply at least 25% of our key nutrients including
protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and calories
• What breakfast would meet this guideline?
– Whole Grain Cereal, Milk, and fruit
• What breakfast would not?
– Doughnut, or chips and soda, or toaster pastries
What other examples can you think of?
A Well-Balanced Breakfast should
include how many food groups?
• Three or more food groups from MyPlate
• What are the 3 food groups?
Fruits or Vegetables
A Healthy Breakfast Should Include
Which of these Nutrients?
• All 3: carbohydrate, protein, and a little fat
– Carbohydrates are the fuel we need to keep
our bodies going
– Protein and fat will help us feel more full
Many Breakfast Cereals Contain
Added ________
• Too much sugar can cause weight gain,
cavities, and voids the body of getting other
healthier nutrients it needs
• Always look at the ingredient list for those
“hidden” ingredients that add sugar
• Choose cereals that are high in essential
nutrients like iron, calcium, fiber, vitamin C
Can You Identify the Added Sugars
in this Ingredient List?
Ingredients: Sugar, wheat, corn syrup,
contains 2% or less of honey,
hydrogenated soybean oil, salt, caramel
color, soy lecithin, BHT for freshness.
Sugar, corn syrup, and honey are all added
This list is from a popular cereal which contains 15 grams
of sugar per ¾ c serving!
Does Skipping Breakfast Lead To
Weight Gain?
• We may be tempted to overeat later in the day
if we skip meals earlier
• We can slow our metabolic rate if we do not
provide sufficient energy to our bodies
Remember, If you start the day with an Empty Tank, Your
body will need to work extra hard to get energy!
How can eating breakfast affect
your performance in school?
Students who eat breakfast…
•Are more alert
•Have higher test scores
•Have fewer behavioral problems
•Have fewer visits to the Nurse’s office
How many students in the U.S. are
served breakfast at school every day?
• According to the School Breakfast
Program, in 2009, on average 11.1
million students were served breakfast
at school every day
• Does that sound like a lot?
– Keep in mind there are over 50 million
students in the United States!
– That means less than 20% of students eat
school breakfasts.
I am a great source of protein,
calcium, and add a twist to your
– 1.5 oz of natural cheese or 2 oz of processed
cheese can help meet 1 of the 3 cups of dairy
needed per day
– Try it on whole-wheat bagels, toast, English
muffins, or eggs
– Other cheeses such as cottage cheese can be
quick and easy too!
What am I?
– Contains fiber and is an excellent source of
complex carbohydrates and B vitamins that
give us energy we need to start the day
– What kinds of foods can you add to oatmeal
to increase the amount of nutrients?
What am I?
– How many of you normally have leftovers
from dinner the night before?
– Why not eat them for breakfast?
– Remember, it is already prepared and may
just need to be heated up
– If it’s in a container, you can take it with you
and eat in on the way to school
– Vitamins are very important part of
our daily nutrients
– Remember, it’s always best to get
vitamins from food
– Examples include Vitamin A, C, D, E
What are some breakfast foods we can
eat or drink that are high in vitamins?
Which meal has fewer calories?
English muffin & 2 scrambled eggs
Sausage sandwich with egg & hashbrowns
Meal #1 = 330 calories & 13 fat grams
Meal #2 = 590 calories & 29 fat grams
• The second meal contains twice the
amount of fat and more calories
• Remember, it is possible to make
healthier choices when eating out
Which of these is the leanest
breakfast meat?
Canadian Bacon Pork Roll
• Some meats are leaner (lower in fat) than
• What are other lean meats we could eat for
– Turkey Bacon
– Turkey Sausage
– Ham
• What nutrient do meats add to our breakfast?
This breakfast food contains about
50% fat…
• Questions to think about:
– Does it contain 25% of our daily nutrients?
– What food group does it belong in?
*Super fortified doughnuts served at school do
meet the school breakfast requirements and have
added nutrients
Discussion Point: How can a fortified doughnut fit
into well balanced breakfast?
Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas
• Bagel with peanut butter
or low fat cream cheese
• Pack of crackers
• Fruit
• Granola bar
• Instant oatmeal
• Yogurt
• Graham crackers
• Cereal
• Leftovers
Remember, there is always time
for breakfast…
Set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier
Have grab and go foods in the house
Microwave leftovers
Get organized the night before