Nutrition and Globalization

Nutrition and
Impact on Nutrition
Developing Countries
• Increasing food trade reduces food
– Decrease in malnutrition by 40 million
people in the 90’s
• Major shift in “nutrition problems”
• Traditional diet’s are being replaced
with Western diets.
– Increasing incidence of obesity and
chronic diseases
Pinstrup-Anderson and Babinard, 2001
Acculturation to America
• Does acculturation make us
• A study in the JADA (2010)
found that as Latino’s
assimilated into “mainstream”
America, dietary quality
What is “American Food?”
Few things originated in
– Blueberries, sunflowers,
cranberries, pecans
– Passenger pigeon
– Breakfast cereals
Europe, Africa, Asia, South
America, Mesoamerica
– Bagel
– Pasta
– French fries
– Hot dogs
– Ice Cream
•Globalization exposes millions to a variety of new foods.
•We assume that "ethnic food" is a part of our dietary mix,
but during World War I, immigrants were urged to give up
their favorite foods and eat a "healthy American diet."
“Today food and people from
around the world influence each
other. Food changes people as
much as people change food.”
Bugs for Breakfast, Learning Seed (2001)
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