September Science Starters


September Science Starters

9/6 Benefits of Science

How do you benefit from science every day? Write your response in the back of your science notebook.

9/9 Scientific Inquiry

How do you “


” science? What skills are needed to do a scientific investigation?

9/10 Dictionary Definition of Science

You are entering Webster’s Dictionary Contest for the best definition of the contest.


. If you win they will publish your definition in their new edition. Write your definition of science for

9/11 Name that Scientist

A. Anthropologist B. Botanist C. Odontologist D. Pathologist E. Psychiatrist F. Serologist

__ 1. Examines body tissues to determine cause of death __ 2. Analyzes dental records and dental work __ 3. Analyzes botanical (plant) evidence __ 4. Analyzes skeletal remains __ 5. Provides personality profiles based on evidence __ 6. Analyzes blood evidence

9/12 Find the differences

9/13 The Missing Computer Chip

Now that you have all of the clues and you have worked with your team to solve the case of the Missing Computer Chip, write your


chip. Remember to use additional sentences to support your claim

with evidence


as to who you think stole the computer

9/16 Slylock’s Trash Tosser

An inconsiderate slob dumped trash on Rachel Rabbit's lawn. One of these two suspects is guilty. Slylock Fox found evidence that may identify the loathsome litterbug.

What did Slylock observe to help him identify the trash tosser?

9/17 Slylock Bank Robbery

A witness reported seeing Harry Ape rob the First Forest Bank and then speed away in his car earlier this morning. Harry insists he’s been home gardening all day.

What evidence did Slylock Fox observe that suggests Harry Ape might be lying?

9/19 Water Challenge

All you have is a 3 gallon and a 5 gallon container (NO OTHER CONTAINERS FOR MEASUREMENT!) You have an unlimited supply of water, but need to get EXACTLY four gallons how could you do it using only these two containers?

9/23 Charts and Graphs

What are 3 benefits of using charts and graphs in science?

9/24 Basketball Match-up

Hint: Teams chosen by the same sportswriter did not play each other.

• • • • There are four basketball games Saturday night. Three sportswriters predicted the winners in the Saturday morning paper.

Perimeter picks the Raptors, Pacers, Magic, and 76ers Exponent picks the Hawks, Pistons, Magic, and Raptors Helix picks the Heat, Pacers, Pistons, and Raptors No one picks the Bucks.


Organizing and analyzing information to make logical decisions are important skills in many professions. Company managers, doctors, and scientists all use these skills.

9/25 Home Electricity Use

H o m e E l e c t r i c i t y U s e Key Weekday Weekend What is the purpose of this graph?

What questions could you ask to give yourself a better understanding of, or to further investigate this topic?

6 4 2 0 24 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 Lights TV Computer Fridge A p p l i a n c e Heater What claims can you make based on this information?


9/26 Breakfast Graphs

7 th Grade Boy’s Breakfast Choices 7 th Grade Girl’s Breakfast Choices No Breakfast Includes Fruit or Vegetable At School High in Sugar How Boys Eat Breakfast No Breakfast On the Go Quick Snack Sit Down No Breakfast Includes Fruit or Vegetable High in Sugar How Girls Eat Breakfast Write a claim, based on the information these graphs provide. Then use the data to support your claim in an additional sentence.

No Breakfast At School On the Go Quick Snack Sit Down

9/27 $5000 Suitcase

A suitcase containing five thousand dollars fell from the overhead luggage rack. The turtle, bear and snake each claim the suitcase is theirs. Which one does Slylock Fox believe is the most likely owner? Use evidence to support your answer.

9/30 Averages and Reliable Data What is the mean, median and mode for the data in the graph?

What happens if you take Wendy’s data out of the picture?