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UNICEF Jeopardy
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Final Jeopardy
First $100 Question
What does U.N. stand for?
First $100 Answer
United Nations
Second $100 Question
Where does Ban Ki-Moon work?
Second $100 Answer
He is in charge of the United Nations.
Third $100 Question
What is Ban Ki-Moon’s job?
Third $100 Answer
He is Secretary General.
Fourth $100 Question
What does UNICEF do?
Fourth $100 Answer
UNICEF helps others.
First $200 Question
What does UNICEF try to do?
First $200 Answer
It tries to help mothers and children
all around the world.
Second $200 Question
Why does Ban Ki-Moon want
to be Secretary General of the U.N.?
Second $200 Answer
He wants to make changes
and help people.
Third $200 Question
What material did Jitka, the girl
who made the first UNICEF
holiday card, use to paint her picture?
Third $200 Answer
She made it on glass.
Fourth $200 Question
What was one thing the United Nations
was created for?
Fourth $200 Answer
It was created for world peace.
First $300 Question
Where is the U.N. building?
First $300 Answer
The building is in New York City.
Second $300 Question
Where does UNICEF get its money?
Second $300 Answer
UNICEF gets all of its money
from donations.
Third $300 Question
What is the symbol
of the United Nations?
Third $300 Answer
The symbol has a world map
and an olive branch on it.
Fourth $300 Question
How much money was raised
by UNICEF last year?
Fourth $300 Answer
UNICEF raised $6 million last year.
First $400 Question
How many votes does each country
get in the U.N. General Assembly?
First $400 Answer
Each country gets one vote.
Second $400 Question
What year was UNICEF created?
Second $400 Answer
UNICEF was created in 1946.
Third $400 Question
What was the old
Secretary General’s name?
Third $400 Answer
The old Secretary General’s name
is Kofi Annan.
Fourth $400 Question
How much does it cost for UNICEF
to buy a child 1 box of crayons?
Fourth $400 Answer
One box of crayons costs 10 cents.
Final Jeopardy
What does UNICEF stand for?
Final Jeopardy Answer
United Nations International
Children's Emergency Fund
United Nations Children’s Fund