Unit7 Going shopping 89(人教版七年级上册)


Unit7 Going shopping

89 (人教版七年 级上册)




Analysis of students:

1. Junior students in Grade one may have much pocket money. And they pay much attention to their appearance. So they may spend much money and time in going shopping .

2. They have already had the basic knowledge of English and also some vocabulary and grammar to comprehend the reading material.

Analysis of the content:

The topic of this unit is related to going shopping . Students should master how to ask about prices ,talk about clothing and thank someone after this class.

They will use “How much” question and demonstratives this ,that ,these , those.

Recognize familiar words in a conversation about shopping preferences.

To help the students build a good relationship in daily life.

main words in this unit

 how much ( 价 钱)多少 price n.

价格 afford v.

买得起;负担得起 sell v. 卖 on sale 廉价出售;出售 buy v. 购买 welcome adj.

不必客气的 clothes n. 衣服 store n. 商店 each pron. 每个 have a look 看一看


key sentences in this unit

--How much is the blue shirt?

--It's ten dollars.

--OK,I''ll take it.

--Thank you.

--You're welcome.

Do you like...?

Do you have...?

I like...


Key and difficult points

Key points:

Make the students master the phrases about shopping.

Make the students describe their need.

Let the students make some dialogues.

Difficult points:

To learn how to ask and answer questions using the present continuous tense.

To use the present continuous tense comprehensively.

Speak smoothly and use these language points correctly.


To be able to use the new words,phrases,and sentence patterns learned in this class.

To be able to ask the price of something when they going shopping.

To be able to make dialogue by themselves.


Thank you!