Material Quality control and production
** quality control process (QA/qc) **
Construction Quality Control Process: It is very important to have a good
quality control process on a project. Depending on the project or the client or
executing agent for construction the QC/QA process could be very proscriptive. A
government organization like the Corps of Engineers or DOT will have very clear
guidance on what is required per contract as far as the QA/QC goes.
QC – Usually the contractor(or a third party) is responsible for performing Quality
Control (QC) which is ultimately just making sure that they are completing the
work safely and in compliance with the contract.
QA – Usually the Government or outside third party is responsible for performing
Quality Assurance (QA). QA is spot checking contract compliance, test results,
and ultimately just making sure that the Quality Control Processes is working.
Quality Control (QC) – Depends on the contract but best practices require;
• The Construction Contract defines the quality standards and the QC testing
• The contractor must prepare a detailed quality control plan for each definable
feature of work detailing how the quality standards will be achieved. The plan
must be approved before work can begin.
• The contract requires that the QC testing lab be validated by the approved source
• Employs Three-Phase Inspection System
– Preparatory : Before the work starts the QC manager conducts a meeting to go
over all the approved submittals, work plan, safety plan, etc with all parties
involved in order to make sure the feature of work is ready to begin and makes
sure everyone is on the same page.
– Initial: As the work is beginning the QC manager conducts an inspection of the
work to make sure the work is being performed as plan. The crew is working
safely and with the correct material.
– Follow-up: Throughout the work the QC manager conducts inspection as per
contract and as required.
• Document QC activities into a Management System which includes;
Non compliance Reports
RFIs (Request for information)
Change orders requests
Safety violations
Daily field reports
Test results
Close Documents
QA/QC plan - Testing program
 Quality Assurance : Usually done by a third party or the Government
• Performed to ensure the contractor’s QC system is functioning properly
• QA testing at least 5% frequency of QC testing
• QA surveys spot check TBMs, baselines and grade shots
• Specific
QA Plan developed for each contract