Why didn`t Germans oppose the Nazi`s?

Wednesday, 08 April 2015
Why didn’t
oppose the
Brainstorm as many
reasons that answer the
above question as you
L.O. To know the reasons for why
ordinary Germans did not oppose
Hitler and the Nazi party.
• Who opposed the Nazi’s?
• Who posed the biggest threat
to the Nazi Party?
• Why?
They were too scared
They thought Hitler was
the best thing to happen
to Germany for years …..
Why didn’t
oppose the
When people questioned
the Nazi’s they explained
what they were doing so
that it all made sense …..
The German people had
no one to turn to in
opposition to the Nazi’s
Stretch Task:
Imagine that you work for the BBC and
are recording a documentary in the 1950s
about opposition in Nazi Germany.
Write the script for your documentary.
This should include:
• An introduction to Nazi Germany
• A description of the opposition that the
Nazis did and could have faced
• Interviews with people who did oppose
the Nazis about how and why.