All Post-Award Actions Require

2011 NERAOC Conference
1994 Life Cycle Pre/Post Awards
Presented by: Susan Bowman
Awards Management Division
with Dr.Germaine Daye,
Navajo Technical College
Request for Applications
• National Program Leader (NPL)
develops Request for Applications
• RFA is reviewed by Office of Grants
and Financial Management (OGFM)
• RFA is posted at
Request for Applications
Grantee writes the proposal
Solicit stakeholder input
Develop objectives and budget
Develop Evaluation Plan
Submit application to
• All attachments must be PDF
National Program Leader
• NPL Role
• Panel Selection
• Accepts proposal from
• Recommends Award based on
panel information
• Submits proposal to AMD
Post award Overview
• Budget Changes
• No-Cost Extensions
• Project Director and Key
Personnel Changes
• Release of Funds
All Post-Award Actions Require:
• A letter signed by the Authorized
Representative (AR) and the Project
• Include the Award Number
All Post-Award Actions Require:
• The Intent of the Action(s)
articulated in letter
Change in Scope
No-Cost Extension
Project Director Change
Release of Funds
• Actions CANNOT be processed
without signatures of the AR and the
• If requests are submitted without
signatures, approval of action will be
Must have procedures in place to
document the post award process
- Things to think about:
• Who will initiate the request
• Who will approve it at the institute
• Who will send it to USDA/NIFA/AMD
NO-Cost Extension
1st Request
• Grantee has authority to extend the
award under Research & Related
Terms and Conditions
• NIFA must be notified at least 10 days
before the award expires by the
• Notification letter must be signed by
AR and PD
• NIFA will update expiration date in our
No-Cost Extension 2ND REQUEST
• A written request must be received no later
than 30 days prior to the expiration date
and should include
– The length of additional time needed and a
– Summary of progress to date
– Estimate of funds remaining unobligated
– Time table to complete the portion that
prompted the extension
– Signature of PD and the AR
No-Cost Extension 2nd REQUEST
• Most common issues in requesting a
second No-cost extension
– Summary of progress to date is missing
– No estimate of funds remaining or time
table to complete the award
– The request is received after the award
has expired
– Signature of PD and AR is missing
Project Director Change
• Letter indicating change
• New PD’s Resume
• New PD’s Current and Pending Support
Form including this project
– The total amount of time can NOT exceed
• New PD’s signature to concur their
willingness to work on the project
• Signature of AR
Withhold/Release of Funds
• See the first provision on NIFA-Award Face
Sheet, it states what information is needed
to release your funds
• Call the administrative contact for
• Signature of PD and AR on request to
grant specialist to release funds
Send Post-Award Actions To:
• E-mail a PDF File to the Administrative
Point of Contact on the award document
• Send a written request to:
800 9TH Street, SW –STOP 2270
Washington, DC 20024
• FAX: 202-401-6271, 202-401-3237 or 202401-1804
Draw Down Information
• Draw down funds regularly
• Draw down funds for that project only
• Draw downs after the 90 day period at the
end of the award are not allowable
Draw Down Information,
• If funds are drawn down late,
remaining funds will be placed on
manual review
• AMD must receive documentation
(invoices) of expenses to justify the
late draw down
• If expenses are unallowable, funds
Method of Payment
• NIFA awards are now available through the
Department of Treasury’s Automated Standard
Application for Payments (ASAP)
• SF 425, Federal Financial Report captures the
obligations and disbursements that occurred
during the grant period.
Method of Payment/Financial
• Annual reports should be submitted no later than
30 days after the end of the reporting period,
• Annual reports for continuation awards must be
received before the next funding increment is
• Final financial reports are due within 90 days
after the expiration of the award
• Financial reports should be sent to the Awards
Management Division e-mail:
[email protected]
Technical Reports
• CRIS office will notify grantee by e-mail
when a final technical report is due
• Annual report is due 90 days after the
anniversary date
• Submit these reports in CRIS
CRIS web site:
Technical Reports
• Progress/annual reports for Continuation
Awards are due 90 days prior to the
anniversary date
– Anniversary date: One year following
the project start date
• The next year of continuation funds
will not be released if the annual
progress report is not received.
Final Reports
• Final Technical Reports and Final Financial
Reports are due 90 days after the
Expiration Date
• Expiration Date: The date the award
expires or is terminated
Helpful Web-sites
• USDA/NIFA Home Page:
• Cooperative Research Information
Systems (CRIS) Home Page:
• Terms and Conditions:
Program Points of Contact
• Equity, Extension and Endowment Tim
Grosser 202-690-0402
[email protected]
• Research Programs: Saleia Afele-Faamuli
202-720-0384 [email protected]
1994 Tribal Liaisons for AMB
• Janet Schmidt 202-401-5951
[email protected]
• Kendra Arrington 202-401-3669
[email protected]
• Shynika Loften 202-401-6031
[email protected]
• Alicia Simon 202-401-6104
[email protected]