HR Series for Employers HR Series for Employers

HR Series
for Employers
Print and Online Resources
HR Series
for Employers
• Series of free publications and
online resources.
• Topics include recruitment,
retention, employee engagement
and employment related
• Features best practices from
Alberta employers.
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Work-life balance—
why you should care
Are you an employer or manager?
Use this online resource to
• learn how work-life issues could affect
business goals
• help employees manage work-life pressures
• find ways to improve the situation to benefit
both your employees and your business
Employer HR Series
Know the rules
before you hire or fire
Learn about the laws and what you need to do
• before and while hiring employees
• when staff are employed
• when employees leave the workplace
This guide includes key contacts
and helpful resources.
Employer HR Series
Want a practical
solution to your
labour shortage?
Read about Alberta businesses that have
retained and engaged a motivated and
diverse workforce.
Find out how you can
• hire workers from under-represented groups
• create an inclusive working environment
Employer HR Series
Finders keepers,
losers weepers
Struggling to find and keep staff?
This book can help you
• calculate the real cost of employee turnover
• attract workers
• be an employer of choice
• find the talent you need
• select the right match for your business
• retain your valued employees
Employer HR Series
Labour market
information can
help your business
For greater productivity and
competitiveness, use this book and LMI to
• recruit and retain employees
• seize opportunities for growth
Employer HR Series
Thinking about leaving
your small business?
This practical guide shows you how a
business succession or transition plan can
• maintain value in your business
• optimize financial security
• give you peace of mind
Employer HR Series
Are key employees
leaving your business?
This book can help you discover
• why employees leave and what makes
them stay
• what employees need and what you can offer
• successful strategies Alberta employers and
HR experts have used to retain staff
Employer HR Series
The average age of
the workforce is rising
This book for employers, managers and
supervisors examines the health and safety
issues of older workers.
Find out
• how simple changes to the workplace,
tools and procedures can deal with many
age-related concerns
• how to overcome misconceptions about
older workers’ capabilities
Employer HR Series
It pays to invest
in your employees
Get the benefits of establishing employee
development programs.
This online resource includes
• information on how to create and run
your program
• success stories from Alberta businesses
• resources to help
Employer HR Series
Are key employees
about to retire
or move on?
Are you prepared for the loss of important
skills and knowledge when they leave?
Use this book to
• transfer important knowledge and skills
• find low-cost strategies for transferring
• plan for the future
Employer HR Series
Layoffs looming?
Know your options before you lay off staff.
Read this guide to find out
• whether layoffs are necessary
• what to do before, during and after layoffs
• the laws and best practices to follow
• how to help laid-off employees and motivate
remaining staff
An interactive Employee Termination Checklist
is available online.
Employer HR Series