“They Say / I Say” The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing

Diving Deeper Into
Argumentative Writing:
Why Am I Here?
• Participants will become
familiar with scaffolding
through sentence
• After close reading a
print ad, participants will
write an argumentative
paragraph with
quotations utilizing
sentence frames.
What People Think Argument is
Practice Makes Perfect
Performing an Activity Well Depends On:
 Having learned a series of complicated moves
 Practice and repetition
The Same Thing Applies to Writing:
 Accomplished writers rely on established
moves for communicating sophisticated
ideas. Those “moves” can be in the form of
sentence frames (see Handout #1).
Toolbox of Sentence Frame Templates
“Entering the
is the
Why Your
Claim Matters”
is the Wrap Up
Entering the Conversation
(“Hook” / “Lead”)
The Best Academic Writing:
Deeply engages in some way with other people’s views by
writing the voices of others into your text.
You enter a conversation, using what others say (or might say)
as a launching pad or sounding board for your own ideas.
Preview the “Entering the Conversation” section of Handout #1.
Using the Frames:
Entering the Conversation
Toolbox of Sentence Frame Templates
Americans today tend to believe
Many people assumed that __________.
Let’s Practice
Let’s Practice
The Art of Quoting
When to Quote:
to strengthen your own argument
if quote comes from a respected authority
if summarizing an opposing/alternative view and to
illustrate accuracy
to give readers a sense of the source’s voice
For English Only:
to analyze the writer’s choice of words or metaphors
The Art of Quoting
What to Remember When Quoting:
Quote relevant passages.
Frame every quotation
Use frames for introducing quotations (additional
frames on Handout #1 Section 1B).
1. X states, “______.”
2. In X’s view, “_______.”
3. According to X, _____.”
The Art of Quoting
The Next Step in the “Art of Quoting”:
Frames for Explaining Quotations:
1. Basically, X is saying ______.
2. In other words, X believes _______.
3. In making this comment, X argues that ______.
Establishing Why Your
Claims Matter
Like a “hook” / “lead” begins the
paragraph, this is the wrap-up that ties it
all together.
Could Relate to:
Importance of the claim
Universal understanding (big picture)
Conclusion that is drawn
Putting it All Together
Take your sentences from 2A through 2D
and put it all together to create your
Applying the Strategies to
English Example
Social Studies Example
Reflection: One Sentence Summary
A sentence frame is a kind of scaffold
Possible Resource for Your
The information for this presentation is from They
Say, I Say: the Moves That Matter in Academic
Writing by Graff/Berkinstein
PLC Assessment