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Job Club
Main tasks
Registration is required for all clients
before they commence their job club
Registration cannot take place unless
we are in receipt of:
• Full name
• Address
• Date of birth
• NI number
• Contact number
• Emergency contact details
• Employment status
Email Address
 An email address is key
to all online job search
activities – most jobs will
use emails to apply for
or be the first point of
 Staff will assist in
creating an email with
Google (gmail) or Hotmail
(outlook) if needed.
Ensure email address is
suitable for potential
Creating an up to date CV
 Clients’ CVs need to be
created or checked to
ensure they are
current and with
sufficient detail.
 These can be created
for them if necessary.
 A CV template can be
 CV needs to be stored
by the centre or on a
client’s USB stick
Register for Government Gateway
 To use Universal
Jobmatch a
Government Gateway
ID needs to be
 The client must
Register for a new
account and enter
their own name,
their email address
and create a
Gateway ID
 It is very important that
the client doesn’t lose their
ID and so it needs to be
written down or printed
 Losing the password can
also create problems so
write this alongside the
gateway ID
 Tick the (I have a note of
my user ID) then Click on
the Return to Universal
Jobmatch link to complete
the client’s profile
Completing the profile
 Continue entering the
personal details (and the
same email address used to
create the account)
 Create 2 or 3 skills (types
of job they are interested
 It isn’t mandatory to
authorise DWP to view the
account (only the items
with the orange * next to
them are mandatory,
regardless of what Job
Centre staff may say)
 Click Create account to
Questionnaire sheet
On this step you have
to click on what
ethnicity you are.
Then further down the
page there are
options to click
which gender,
religion and age band
you are.
Verification of account
 In case of future
problems it is
essential that the
new gateway account
is verified.
 An email will have
been sent to the
client’s inbox.
 Open the email and
click on the link to
Uploading a current CV
 Upload the current CV
to Universal jobmatch
by clicking on the CV
Select to Upload CV
Give the CV a title and
decide if potential
employers should be
allowed to view it
Choose file and locate
the CV to upload
Finally click Upload CV
Cover Letter
 This is optional and
can be changed to
suit application
Searching for Vacancies
 Type in boxes
appropriate job and
postcode of area the
client would like to
work in
Applying for vacancy
 Sometimes the
vacancy can be
applied for by
clicking on the apply
button and pressing
submit, however on
the right hand side
 the method of
application will be
 Click select
Looking Forajob CV
Activity History
 Fill this in
 You can screen
print it for
 This proves the
clients have
completed job
 Clients can fill in
ANY activity they
have done
Screen print
 Highlight all activity
and screen print this
put in everything the
client has done
 CV drops, telephone
calls etc
 This will help prove
the client has
fulfilled the client
commitment, make
sure all staff
members read the
client commitment
form to minimise the
chances of the client
getting sanctioned!!
Contact details
 Pallion Action Group
5 Eastmoor Road
--------------------------------------Tamanna Begum – Job Club
- Contact number:
Karen Wood – Community
Development Officer
-Contact number: 07534983971