Reading powerpoint - Bonnygate Primary School

Helping your child
with their reading
Our children as readers:
What Do We Want for Our Children?
To read for
To read with
To be able to
choose what
they would like
to read for
To read
To be able
what has
been read
To have reasons
for preferences in
what they read
Our hopes:
To decode text for meaning – reading the words and
understanding what they mean.
To retrieve information
Lower KS 2
To deduce, infer or interpret information, events or
ideas from texts – reading between the lines.
To consider the structure and organisation of the text
To explain and comment on the author’s use of
To identify and comment on writers’ purposes and
viewpoints and overall effect of the text on the reader
Upper KS 2
Reading is a
big focus
• Book corners in all classrooms
• Improved library area
• New fiction books in all
Children at Bonnygate will experience
• Guided reading sessions
• Individual reading time with the class
teacher and LSA
• Opportunities to visit the school library
• Opportunities to bring school books to read
at home
• Daily phonics lessons
• Access to Bug Club in school and online at
• Days dedicated to books and reading (Roald
Dahl Day, World Book Day)
Levels and Book Bands
• All children will be accessed as they enter Bonnygate
and put onto the correct book band/level
• They will then move thought the books within the
book bands at home and in school.
• Reception and KS1 – Bug club phonics, Rigby Star
• KS2 – Rigby Star Navigator, Bug Club and Pocket Reads
• Other schemes used
• Fantastic Forest
• Story Street
• Wellington Square
10-15 minutes reading at
home each day makes a
big difference
Top tips
1. Choose a quiet time
2. Make reading enjoyable
3. Maintain the flow
4. Be positive
5. Success is the key
6. Regular practice
7. Communicate
8. Talk about the books
9. Make use of the Library
10. Variety is important