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emergency sub (1)

Thank you so much for coming in. I really appreciate your help, without subs like you education
would never be possible.
Write the following prompt on the front board:
Write a 5 paragraph story involving two made up characters and three made up events that
happen to them.
Your essay should have:
an introduction (first paragraph)
three middle or body paragraphs (paragraphs 2,3,4)
A resolution or closing (paragraph 5)
Make sure you describe the following somewhere in your story
(Don't forget to write your name and period number at the top of your paper)
Steps for teacher:
Explain that the students will be writing an essay today.
Walk the students through the prompt.
Explain that they can use anything that their creative minds can think of as long as they are able
to write the full 5 paragraphs.
Let them work silently and individually
All essays will be written on paper, do not let the students get the computers for any reason
while I am out please.
Paper is located on my black shelves behind my desk (second shelf)
If students finish early tell them to go back with some edits that you have suggested and ask
them to include more writing, the more they can explain the more credit they will receive.
When they say they are done a second time they may read a book that they choose from the
back of the room on the shelves silently. Make sure that all essays turned into you have a name
and period number listed at the top.