True or false quiz Freud*s dream theory

True or false quiz
Freud’s dream theory
Write down true or false on the answer
If the answer is false then you need to
write down the correct answer
Trial - True or false?
• Freud said that most of our mind was
True or false?
• The latent content of a dream is what the
dreamer recalls the next morning
True or false?
• The manifest content is where the dreamer
builds a story telling what the dream is about,
adding & changing things
True or false?
• Dreamwork is what the mind is doing when
we sleep
True or false?
• Condensation is when something unimportant
in a dream is made central to it
True or false?
• Repression is where info is pushed in to the
unconscious without conscious awareness
that we are doing so
True or false?
• Freud believed that dreams such as falling had
a different meaning to different people.
True or false?
• Freud’s therapy is called psychodynamic
True or false?
• There are only two methods used in
psychoanalysis: dream analysis & slips of the
True or false?
• If we have psychoanalysis and can uncover
unconscious desires then it can lead to mental
True or false?
• When Freud analysed dreams, generally he
collected quantitative data
True or false?
• One strength of Freud’s dream theory is that it
can be generalised widely
True or false?
• Another strength of Freud’s theory is that the
information that he collected was in-depth
information which was collected over a period
of time – this meant that the data was valid
True or false?
• One limitation of Freud’s dream theory is that
he had a biased sample of middle class,
Viennese men which meant that he could not
generalise his findings
True or false?
• Measuring the unconscious is scientific &
True or false?
• Subjective means that it is possible that each
analyst could offer a different interpretation of
a dream
True or false?
• There are many similarities between Freud’s
theory of dreaming & activation-synthesis