Lesson observation, grading criteria and what observers are looking

 What
is the aim of lesson observation?
 Systems different in every college - number,
length, focus, type, choice of observer
 Ofsted grades:
1 Outstanding
 2 Good
 3 Requires improvement
 4 Inadequate
 Assessing quality of teaching
“grade descriptors”
best fit NOT a checklist
 NQTs
are experienced observers!
 What have you seen that is “outstanding”?
 What have you seen that is “requiring
 Read
the lesson observation write-ups and
decide on a grade – make sure you can justify
the grade awarded
 What are your “top tips” for lesson
Be prepared for observers to talk to learners & check class/home
Attendance & punctuality
Students should be working harder than the teacher!
Observers will be thinking about attainment
Individual needs
Learning & assessing/checking of learning - questioning
technique, making appropriate interventions.
No trial runs/repeats!
Does the lesson engage, challenge and motivate learners?
Does the teacher/subject matter foster curiosity and enthusiasm?
Be aware of how you are helping to develop reading, writing,
communication and maths skills – correct common and subject
specific words
Make explicit the “skills for progression” students are developing
e.g. creating independent learners.