Secrets Through the Smoke

Secrets Through the Smoke
Save all your answers in a word document.
An Experiment…
Go to:
Describe what you think this experiment is
attempting to simulate.
What can you learn from this video?
Influencing Policy
Read the section Smoking-Caused Monetary Costs in
Pennsylvania on the Internet at
Should non-smokers be concerned about these
numbers? Explain your answer.
Test Your Tobacco
Go to the following site and take the quiz:
(Take the quiz once and print your results.)
What answers surprised you the most? Explain.
Big Tobacco Targets Young Women
Go to: Big Tobacco Targets Young Women
Watch the video. Explain how Tobacco companies
are targeting young women.
Is it in the best interest of the public for the
government to regulate how tobacco companies
target certain populations? Explain.
Anti-smoking ad for
Go to:
Do you believe that this ad would have any effect on
male smokers (read the fine print)? Explain.
Tobacco Advertising
Go to
Choose one of the ads.
Who is the target audience?
Describe the story that you think the ad is telling.
Explain why the company (in your opinion) may have
chosen this.
The Whistle Blower
If time permits, go to :
and watch the video about what Jeffrey Wigand is
doing today.