The Trial for Creon - Bibb County Schools

The Trial for Creon
The Assignment
• On Tuesday, April 24th, 2012,
we are going to hold a mock
trial for Creon to decide
whether or not he is
responsible for Antigone’s
• Each student is responsible for
playing a role in the
preparation and the trial itself.
The Trial
• The class will be broken up into a
defense (Creon’s side) and a plaintiff
(The People of Thebes).
• When the two sides have finished
presenting their evidence and
witness testimonies, the judge (a.k.a.
Mrs. Smith) will decide which side
presented their evidence most
effectively, and that side will win
the case.
Your Grade
Written Paragraph 30%
Adequate Participation 25%
Behavior During Trial 25%
Fitting the Role Assigned 20%
The Written Assignment
• Regardless of your role in the
trial, you are going to turn in
one written paragraph that is
at least 50 words in length.
• You will have time after the
trial on Friday to write this
paragraph, but if you can
prepare in any way, I would
recommend you do so.
The Written Assignment
• This paragraph should
describe in detail your role in
the trial.
– If you are a witness, explain why you
were called to testify and what impact
you believe you had on the outcome of
the trial.
– If you create questions, you will explain
why it was important that those
particular questions were asked and
what impact you believe your questions
had on the outcome of the trial.
The Written Assignment
• The point of this assignment is
to prove to me that you not
only can analyze the story, but
that you understand what role
you played in making the story
come to life.
• If you do not turn this in, you
will earn a zero for the trial.
• Each person will have a role in
preparation and on the day of
the trial.
• The next two days in class will
be spent preparing for the trial.
• Although only the four
lawyers will be asking
questions, each person is
responsible for either creating
or answering questions.
Extra Credit!
• In order to fully make our day
at court come alive, any one
who is “dressed the part”
(meaning you wear an
appropriate toga) will earn
extra credit on their
Take This Seriously!
• This is your test grade for
Antigone, so I expect you to
take this assignment seriously.
Delve deeply into characters’
motivations and reasons
behind why they did what
they did. Try to keep an open
mind and not base this just on
your opinion, but on the facts!