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The Festival of Roman Soldiers
 Held during Holy Week
 A festival wherein local folks are
dressed as roman soldiers
 “Morion” means mask or visor, a
part of the Medieval Roman
armor which covers the face
 Involves the roaming of the
Roman soldiers around town, to
scare people, especially children as
a symbol of their domination
 Believed to have originated from the town of Mogpog as
early as 1807
Re-enacts the story of Saint Longinus
Legend has it that Longinus pierced the side of the crucified
Christ. The blood that spurted forth touched his blind eye
and fully restored his sight.
This miracle converted Longinus to Christianity and earned
the ire of his fellow centurions.
The re-enactment reaches its climax when Longinus is caught
and beheaded.
 Happens in the island of
Marinduque, Philippines
 Originated from the town
of Mogpog in 1807, when
the parish priest of the said
town, Fr. Dionisio Santiago,
organized it for the first
 The purpose of this festival is to
re-enact the belief of Christianity
when Longinus finally had faith
in the power of Christianity
 It also brings about sacrifice
from the people of Marinduque,
showing that they will believe in
Christ no matter what and will
always be willing to sacrifice, just
like what Longinus did
 Music used during the festival is
similar to that of a parade’s
 It sounds like a march with a
variety of drums, and trumpets
sounding together to create
 Typical parade tunes are used so
as to make it seem happy when
the people in masks come to
parade their vibrant and
colorful costumes
 As of today, the Moriones Festival still remains an important
celebration, symbolizing the belief of the people in Christ
and in Christianity
 The Moriones Festival is still being celebrated by the towns
folk in Marinduqe, during the time of Holy Week and still
remains a reminder of the birth of Christianity and the
bravery shown by Saint Longinus
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