Romeo And Juliet PowerPoint

Act V
 Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet has died.
 Romeo and Balthasar
 Mantua. A street.
Setting-Friar Laurence’s Cell
Plot-John and Laurence are in his cell and there talking
about sending the letter to Romeo, but they cant because
they couldn’t find a messenger because of the infection.
Characters- John and Laurence
 Romeo is trying to get to Juliet’s grave but Paris intends
to see her in her grave. Romeo and Paris fight and
Romeo slain Paris. Romeo kisses Juliet after he gets to
her and then drinks a poison to kill himself. Juliet then
wakes up and commits suicide to die with her only true
love. Friar tells the basic story of what happened at
this large massacre and the play ends.
 Romeo Capulet
 Juliet
 Paris
 Friar
 Page
 Chief Watchman
 Second Watchman
 Third Watchman
 Prince
 The tomb in which Juliet lays.