Socratic Seminar: The Giver

Socratic Seminar: The
Guidelines for Final Socratic Seminar on The
Make sure that you open this presentation in Keynote so that you can view
all of the text!
For our final discussion on this book, you will need to spend some time
prepare critical ideas to share in our Socratic Seminar.
Paper or IPAD notes are acceptable. You will be turning in notes on paper
or via googledrive.
Bullet points are fine, but make sure that they are adequate enough to
guide and demonstrate your thinking
It will not be enough to simply talk; your ideas must add depth to the
Make sure that you come up with several ideas for each question so that
way you will have something to share, even if somebody takes your first
Remember: Thoughtful preparation now means effective participation
(aka: success!) later.
Seminar Questions: 1 & 2
The community in The Giver has attempted to be a Utopia. Did
they succeed? Prove your answer. Do you think that it is ever
possible for a Utopia to exist in our lives? Explain your thoughts
on both of these ideas.
We have spent a lot of time discussing the idea of true emotions
and connectedness with one another that were missing in this
world. What do you think was MOST lacking in Jonas’ world?
Prove your answer. If someone were to read about OUR world
today, what emotion, ideal, or value would they find missing?
Prove your answer.
Seminar Questions: 3 & 4
We know that Lois Lowry ended the book ambiguously. What
questions are left at the end of the book? What are your thoughts
as to what is happening. What would be the point of doing this?
Consider why she didn’t simply end the book with a concrete
ending (and please do not say it was to make more money by
allowing her to start a series!). What would be her message in
doing this? Explain your ideas.
We have spent some time discussing “sameness,” “safety” and
“convenience” and their priority over individual choice/freedom.
What were the benefits this ideal brouth to their society? Which
do you think has the higher value in OUR society? What
evidence/examples do you have to support your thinking?