Ready4College* Last Session!

Google Calendar and
Today we will go into our Google Calendars and
put in important dates we need to remember
Then we will play our last game of JEOPARDY!
Finding Important Dates to
With your group, use Google Search to find the dates
of the following important events:
The next SAT test (and where?)
When the UC Application OPENS
When the UC Application is DUE
Other important application dates/deadlines for
colleges you are applying to (ex: When transcripts need
to be sent, When FASFA opens, when FASFA is due)
Putting important dates in
our Google Calendars
Have ONE person in your group log into their
Google Account
Create an Event for each important date your
group found
INVITE your group members to that event; Once
they accept, now you all have those important
dates in your calendars!
Review of this month: THE
Let’s see who was paying attention in class this