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What are Google Forms &
How can you use them in
your courses ?
Presentation by Barbara Yalof ,Ed. D. candidate
Don’t want to use class time to quiz students?
Want to find out what students understood from
your lecture? (quick polls)
PPt. by Barbara Yalof
Want a good way to let your students tell you
what was not understood, anonymously?
Looking for new ways to engage the student with
Google Documents and Forms provides a cleaner
looking, technologically more efficient way to give
polls, tests, and quizzes.
You won’t have to use (or fight with) the Scantron
machine, so you can grade at home.
No sign in is necessary!
Google forms creates a link you send to the
Get results in spreadsheet or graphs
Use Flubaroo for computations of grades
Go to docs.google.com & sign in – orOpen g-mail-Documents from your main mail
Short answer box
Multiple choice-one answer
Checkbox –more than one answer
Long answer box (essay)
Answer by grids
Click here to change
the look of the Form
Here are the
choices of
You will need to open the form and answer it to create the
correct answer key for scoring purposes
You must install the software – but it’s easy!
Here is the graph from the Scantron
survey you filled in
You as the instructor could…
Your students could…
Or www.docs.google.com