Acceptance Test Planning - Planning Services

Test Planning
Business value
Unclear requirements
Actionable requirements
management using familiar
Reduce cycle time from
ideation to delivery
Delivered software does not
meet value expectations
Collaborative quality
engagement for all roles
Late-breaking changes and
churn cause delivery delays
End-to-end traceability
Test/QA team is siloed
Deliver value continuously
while increasing quality
Delivered software meets
user and value expectations
Requirements and bugs link
directly to related test cases
Integrated Storyboarding with
PowerPoint keeps stakeholders
and all team members in sync
Measurable acceptance
criteria, visible to all team
members, aligns with tests
Create custom shapes to
re-use throughout your
Create realistic mock-ups of your UI for
early approval, and attach them to work
items so developers know what to build
Hundreds of pre-built shapes,
from iOS to Windows Phone
to navigation animations
Free Feedback client app
guides stakeholders through
the feedback process
Provide rich feedback, including
audio/video recordings,
screenshots and additional files
Define the flow of a use
case with powerstory
Seamless connection with
Visual Studio PowerPoint
Storyboarding capabilities
taken further
Generate detailed test steps for
each unique path through the
main flow and alternate flows
Export generated test cases
to TFS, Word & Excel
Attach test suites to iterations to
keep everyone on the same timeline
Quickly see the status of any test
suite; reports and dashboards
provide deeper analytics
Specify configurations
when testing is needed in
different environments
Group and classify test
cases as needed to support
the team’s process
Add new steps manually, or
quickly record repeatable test
steps during exploratory testing
Scope test cases by Area and
Iteration for accurate reporting
Test cases link to requirements
and other related work items
Detailed test steps provide clear
guidance for testers (and even
developers!), ensuring consistency
Expected Results make
acceptance criteria measurable
View real-time status of
each user story
Track total percentage hours
completed by user story
Track active and resolved
bugs by user story
Test results quickly display
quality status of each user story