Rapid Prototyping PPT

U of A
 Rapid Prototyping is a 3D printer.
 It takes in an input of coordinates and uses automated
robotics to scan a UV laser into a liquid resin chamber.
 The UV light activates the liquid causing it to become
a solid.
 Over successive scans the input model is created
 Needs an input file in .stl format
 The input files can not be larger than 25 Megs.
Meaning if you can’t send it by email, you can’t
build it.
 This particular Rapid Prototype machine can only
create parts made of certain types of acrylic based
 The tolerance of the parts made is 10 micron and a
5 degree offset in angle. Think about this when
submitting your files.
 Most common used material is Ver0Gray.
 Other choices of materials are posted on the website. It is possible
to use multiply materials but will result in longer time to create
 Once you have created your solid model click save
 Select .stl format and save.
 Exact file name of part i.e. (flexure.stl)
 Quantity
 Material
 What finish (Matte or Glossy)
 Any Special Instruction you would like to specify for
the part
 Create model
 Save as .stl format
 Send your file to the Optomech
(optomech@optics.arizona.edu) email
Subject Line: Rapid Prototype Request
Have your parts and specifications listed either in the email
or an attachment.
If you are having multiple parts made make a specification
list for each part. For parts with more than one material
specify this in writing with instructions and drawings to
We’ll take care of every thing from there.