Injury in sport: Risks and Hazards

Injury in sport: Risks and Hazards
Level 2
Kevin Browne
By the end of this lesson
• What you should be able to do at the end of
this lesson.
• Know and describe what a risk is
• Know and describe what a hazard is
• Describe the 3 main categories of hazards
• List and explain at least 6 risks and hazards
associated with sport (performance and/or
Assignment 2: Task 1
• P4) Describe six risks and hazards associated
with sports participation
• M3) Explain risks and hazards associated with
sports participation
• D1) Give a detailed account of why
participants are at risk of injury while taking
part in sport
What is a Risk?
• Individually write down a definition of what
you think a risk is
• Share with your partner and write a new
• Discuss as a group
• A risk is the possibility of something
What is a hazard?
What is a hazard?
Share with your partner
Discuss as a group
A hazard is something that is dangerous and has
the potential to cause harm or an injury to
• An example would be a spillage on the sports hall
which some one could slip on.
• Sport is not without risk, however, these risk
factors need to be balanced in order to
minimise injuries and accidents.
• Risks and hazards originate from three factors;
• equipment and the
• environment
People, Equipment, Environmental
• People: These are hazards that are caused by
people such as your self or another person
• Equipment: Many sports and outdoor
activities require special equipment and
without these it can lead to a potential injury.
• Environmental: these are often uncontrollable
(such as the weather) but it is important to
check before hand and make a judgement
• Individually write down as many risks that you
can think off in sport that could injure you. (3
• Share them with a partner and add
suggestions to your work
• Discuss as a class
Put your suggestions
under the appropriate
headings using the task
sheet . Work in 2s
Environmental factors
Task 1
Equipment factors
People factors
Task 2:
• Using the sheet that has been given to you
write the hazard under the correct heading.
• This work must be completed individually 1st
• Share with your partner
• Check as a group
Put your suggestions under
the appropriate headings
using the task sheet .
Environmental factors
Equipment factors
People factors
•The weather (icy or
•Not wearing the right
protective equipment (e.g.
shin pads)
•Using gym equipment
without knowing how to
use it
•Not warming up cooling
down properly
•An opponent playing
•Playing under the
influence of drugs/alcohol
•Wearing jewellery
•Chewing gum
•Using the wrong
technique to lift weights
•Not having enough
experience to do the
activity (motor
•Not being able to work as
a team
•Doing exercise in hot
•If you are not sure where
you are (mountains or at
•Extreme wet and cold
condition lead to
•High winds causing
problems in sailing
•Equipment not being set
up correctly (e.g. climbing
•Not having the right
clothing for the activity
(think of your own
Assignment Task
• Using the assignment template you will have
to think of 2 hazards for each category
• State what the hazard is
• Explain how this would be a hazard in real life
using a sporting example (you can relate to
your self or professional athletes)
• Write down 2 things that you have learnt
• Write down a number between 1 and 10
stating how confident that you could finish
this task and that you understand what to do
(1 = not very confident, 10 very confident)
• What will you need to know more about to
improve your work?