AutoMatchXpress PowerPoint Demo

Request username and
password if you don’t
already have one
Provide your
business email
Click the button
after you fill in
all the fields.
All fields should be
filled out before
proceeding further.
After you receive an
e-mail that your account
is approved, or if you
already have an
account, log in.
Click the link to
upload a file.
File must be properly
formatted to obtain
correct results!
After filling in all the fields,
click the button to upload the file.
Wait until the file name appears
in the box before proceeding.
Uploading a file
might take
a few minutes.
Information about records
in the uploaded file.
Number of records
that contain
a unique ID and
a company name.
File is
Click on the link
to see file details.
Click on the button to
start file processing.
Feel free to log out while
file is being processed.
After you receive an e-mail
that the file is processed,
log in.
Total number of
records in the file.
Number of potential donors
that work at companies that
support Matching Gift Programs.
Amount donated by employees
of companies that support
Matching Gift Programs.
Click the button to generate
.pdf summary report.
Generated pdf report might be downloaded
at a different location on your computer.
Click on it to open it.
Matching gift
potential percent.
Average gift.
Additional amount
that you could have
raised due to
Matching Gift
To purchase a detailed report of these records,
please call (800) 681-4438 or
If you no longer need these results, you can delete the file.
If you don’t delete the file, it will be automatically deleted
2 weeks after it is uploaded.
Click OK to confirm that
you want file deleted.
Do not try to process the file or to delete it again
while deletion process is in progress.
If a file is deleted, it will no longer show in the list of files,
and you will no longer be able to see the results.
If you need additional help, please contact or call (800) 681-4438