9.6 Fish Cheeks - TJ

Explain the connection between the six AP
terms (colloquialism, connotation, denotation,
diction, euphemism, and jargon) and the
rhetorical effect on the reader.
(3 to 5 sentences. )
We will initial your paper for evidence of
completing the vocabulary graphic organizers.
“Fish Cheeks”
To analyze a short narrative using the
SOAPSToneS strategy for annotation in
order to determine the author’s claim and
how the author conveyed that claim by
writing an analysis of rhetorical techniques
• Describe one incident of parental induced
• Taking notes and annotating according to
– Purpose of SOAPSToneS is to provide your
understanding in the introduction of the: subject,
occasion, speaker, and audience; then to analyze
rhetorical techniques (tone, diction, imagery)
• Label your notebook paper to take notes
Writing Prompt
Write an analysis of the rhetorical techniques
(tone, diction, imagery) Amy Tan uses in her
narrative “Fish Cheeks” to develop her message.
Select a writing approach (Straight Away, Hill, or
Mountain) to answer the prompt. You only need
to complete one writing approach.