Test powerpoint

By: Brenna Sigai & Brooke Chaffinch
Writer’s Background
 Name: Theodore Lockard Thomas
 Born in New York City on April 13, 1920
 Died on September 24 2005
Writer’s other works
 “ The Far Look” August 1956
 “Ceramic Incident”, October 1956
 “The Innocents’ Refuge”, May 1957
 These are just a few of the stories Thomas has written
Summary of “Test”
 Robert Proctor is driving along a turnpike with his
mother on a nice sunny day. All of a sudden a blue
convertible pulls out in front of their car and they end
up in oncoming traffic. There is a truck that is coming
straight toward them. Robert becomes fixed upon the
girl in the passenger sit who is asleep. Robert then
awakens as if he was in a dream. He is told he took the
last part of the drivers test and to sign the paper to
receive his license. But in reality he signed himself
over to a mental institution.
Technical Details of “Test”
 Setting: A Car; Office
 Characters: Robert Proctor; uniformed man.
 Third person point of view.
 Plot Structure: Freytag's Pyramid.
 Theme: Humans never know what is real and what is
Significant Quotes:
 “We hypnotized you to make you think you were in an
accident” = Science fiction style.
Special Topics
 Thomas writes under other pen names
 He collaborated with other authors
 Thomas has been nominated for some awards .
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 After reading “Test”, do you believe that Robert Proctor
should have been taken away to a mental institution?