Class Review

. . . Parts of the whole
Frankenstein's Fractions
Fractions are parts of a
Fractions can be different sized
pieces of a whole…
½ of the pizza, 1/3 of the pizza, or ¼ of the pizza,
Or, fractions can be different counts or
beats of music as in the following video…
Most of the time, fractions of the same item have
the same denominator (the denominator is the
number on the bottom of the fraction telling
how many parts will make the whole).
But sometimes two different items are put in the
same group that have been divided differently
and all the parts need to added together. For
example, Suzi wants to add her ½ banana to the
pie recipe and David wants to add ¼ of his
banana to the pie. How much banana will be
added in all?
½ + ¼ =?
You need to find the common denominator.
Using a visual model
Wrapping it up . . .
Fractions are used in everyday life:
To tell time- 12:30 is half past the hour
to measure- 4 oz. of chocolate is ¼ lb.
to cook – ½ cup of flour
To calculate Money- 4 quarters are $1.00
Let’s practice!
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