Library Rules

 Students may check out up to 2 books for 2 weeks
 Students may check out only 1 Audio or CD Book
 Students may check out only 1 New Book
 Students may renew books twice
 Students are responsible for all books in their
 Students with overdue books may not check out more
 Late books will go on the clipboard as an LA for each book
 If a book is 2 weeks over due you will go to the office and loose
your library privilege until the book is returned or paid for
If you are in the office when an assignments given, it will be
graded as an “F” because you were not here with your class
Assignments are expected to be completed on time – Grades are
given by your classroom teacher and used as an English grade
If you have lost or damaged a book it is your responsibility to pay
for its’ replacement, the average cost of a book is $ 15.00
Students are expected to be responsible, respectful and helpful
while in the library
1. Go to School Home Page or Mrs. T”s Page
2. Click on Library Search, then Camelot Library
3. You have 5 ways to search for a book:
Key word
4. Type in what you know (spelling must be correct)
Click on Icon: keyword, title, author, subject,
Now you should have the book selection in view
Look at the Call Number – that is the location
Look at the picture – that is what the cover looks like
Look at available – that lets you know how many books are on the shelf
Write down the Call Number and find your book
Catalogue Page OPAC
 Please put books back where
they belong if you are not
going to check them out…… do
not just lay them down some
place or shove them on top of
the rest of the books.
 If you are not sure where it
goes, put the book on my desk
and I will put it away later.
Where are the books ?
 Fiction books (books that are not true)
are found on the tall shelves touching
against the walls.
These books are arranged alphabetical by the
author’s last name. Such as Wil for Wilder
Nonfiction books (books that are factual) are on
the short shelves away from the the walls on the
These books are arranged by subject using the
Dewey Decimal System. Such as 921 for Biography
All books have their own home. Use the OPAC to
find them correctly.