Dribble-Drive Offense

Dribble-Drive Offense
MVHS Basketball 2012-2013
Keys to the Offense
 Spacing is important
 Create as many gaps as possible
 Create double gaps
 Attack the Defense
 Attack, Attack, Skip, Attack, Attack
 Fast break
 Anytime you can push ball up via pass, DO IT.
What It Looks Like
The differences…
 The 1 and 5 man
 The two Point Guards on the team. They think to drive first,
shoot second
 The 2 and 3 man
 They look to shoot first, then drive second.
 The 4 Man
 The traditional “5 man”. The big post player. Will work around
the key
 Will always setup on the 3 side block.
The Zones
 Breakdown Zone
 Area between half court line and 3 PT arc.
 Where the 1&5 analyze the defense.
 Blue box on slide slide
 Drop Zone
 Boxes on each side of the FT line, extend up to 3 PT arc.
 1&5 can run offensive sets in the Drop Zone
 Red area on next slide
 Rack Zone
 Below the block on each side.
 Ultimate place we want to be.
 Green area on next slide
 Drag Zone
 Between Drop and Rack Zone
 Orange area on the next slide
The Zones
Plays Within the Offense
 Several plays can be run within the offense.
 It’s important to be at practice to learn the offense.
 If you cant make it, there is a website that will have animated
plays within the offense.
 http://teamonthree.com/mvhs
 Not much on site now, but will be ready soon.