The Five-Slide Pitch Deck

Slides for Generating Interest
from Investors
How to Use This Template
This template is intended to serve as a guide for
how to organize a pitch presentation. Feel free
to adapt it based on your needs, expertise, and
Good luck with your pitch!
The Problem
• What problem are you trying to solve?
• Consider an anecdote from your customer(s) –
who have you seen struggling to solve this
• How big a problem is this for a given
• What’s the right metric? (dollars lost, time
wasted, lives lost, etc.)
The Opportunity
• How many people out there have this
• What is the cumulative amount of [insert
metric here] lost because of this problem?
• What are the economics of this problem?
Translate the [metric] into dollars of
opportunity to be had.
The Solution
• What does your customer in slide 1 do to
solve this problem now?
• What is your solution? (At a high level, the
pitch isn’t the time for details)
• How will your solution impact the metric
identified in slide 1 for your customer?
The Team
• Why is your team the right one to solve this
• Include brief bios of each team member,
focusing on their unique
• Include photos for each of your team
The Ask
• What do you need to get from where you are
to where you need to be?
• How big is the round?
• How much have you raised so far? From who
(friends and family don’t count)?
• Inspire confidence you’d know what to do
with a $100k+ check.
Thanks for downloading our template. We hope you
find it helpful as you prepare for your pitches.
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