2. Stencyl_intro

Project 1
Stencyl Introduction
Mohammad Zikky, M.T
What is Stencyl?
Stencyl is a game creation platform that
allows users to create 2D video games for
computers, mobile devices, and the web.
The software is available for free, with select
publishing options available for purchase.
The software was originally called
"StencylWorks" while in development and
for the initial release, but was later
shortened to just "Stencyl".
What is Stencyl?
The Stencyl Platform consists of three parts —
Stencyl (the toolset), StencylForge and Stencyl.com.
Each plays a role in helping you "find the fun" starting
from a game's conception all the way up to publication
and beyond
Download Stencyl
Download Stencyl here:
 Install it as pictures below:
1. Save the Stencyl application
Click Save File when
2. Run the Stencyl Installer
From your browser's
Downloads window, doubleclick the Stencyl.exe file to
run the installer.
3. Follow Setup Instructions
Follow the instructions for the
installer to set up Stencyl on
your computer. That's it!
Go Through the Crash Course
After downloading Stencyl, we strongly
recommend going through the Crash
Course. If you're launching Stencyl for the
first time, you'll be automatically asked to go
through the Crash Course. If not, click on
the Help Center button to find it.
If you complete the Crash Course, you'll have successfully completed
your first game!
Go through Stencylpedia
After you've made your first
game using the Crash
we highly recommend
reading through the first few
chapters of Stencylpedia
Stencylpedia will teach you the fundamentals of
game creation through Stencyl, in a way that poring
over many example games won't do.
Create a Game from a Kit
After you've gone through Stencylpedia, you
should create your first real game, based off a Kit.
Kits are templates for creating certain kinds of
games such as Platformers, Shooters and Action
If none of the kits are to your liking, you can
also select Blank Game to create a game
entirely from scratch. Either way, gather your
game's graphics and sounds, build scenes, test
your game, then publish it. It's that easy!
Check Out the Example Games
Your copy of Stencyl comes with simple
example games that teach you more about
Stencyl. You can find more example games
on StencylForge.
Final Step: Make Your Own Games!
Now that you're familiar with Stencyl, you're now ready to take on a
game of your own.
The sky's the limit, and virtually anything can be done with Stencyl,
particularly if you make full use of our powerful but intuitive visual
Behavior designer ("Design Mode") or our code editor.
Great things have been accomplished by creators who were new
Stencylers just like you not long ago. If you strive to improve yourself
every day and take baby steps, you'll become a master
Stencyler in no time.
How to Get Help?
Start with Stencylpedia  http://www.stencyl.com/help/
Ask on the Forums  http://community.stencyl.com/
Chat with other Stencylers  http://www.stencyl.com/chat