Machine Learning

Rise of the Machines
Jack Concanon
“A Field of study that gives computers the
ability to learn without being explicitly
- Arthur Samuel
“A computer program is said to learn from
experience E with respect to some class of tasks T
and performance measure P, if its performance at
tasks in T, as measured by P, improves with
experience E
- Tom M. Mitchell
Can Machines Think?
 Can machines do what we do?
 Can they pretend?
 How much help do they need?
Why Now?
Supervised Learning
 Requires labelled training
 Function approximation
 Based on an input vector
you should receive an
expected output
 Linear regression is the
 Line of best fit is a valid
tool for prediction
Unsupervised Learning
 Unclassified data
 Finding hidden structures
 Clustering
 Data mining
Linear Regression Example
Neural Networks
Neural Network Visualisation
Example – Cat or Hat?
Thanks for Listening!
How much data is made each minute?
What does a hidden layer do?
Animating neural networks using R
Google research document on identifying high level
features from images of humans and cats –
Google research documents on machine learning
Coursera Machine Learning