6-8 Sequence Events

Sequence of Events
Middle School ELAR
Aligned to Common Core State Standards
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Sequence of Events
• Sequence means to put something in order from first to last.
• The sequence of events in a story is the order in which the events happen,
i.e., the beginning, middle, and end.
• Knowing the sequence of events in a story makes the story easier to follow.
When events are not in order, the story becomes unclear and hard to
• We also use sequence of events to help us perform daily activities like
giving and following travel directions, sewing a dress, or cooking a new
• The words first, next, then, before, after, and finally are examples of
sequence words.
Sixth Grade Service Learning Program
Read this excerpt from Sixth Grade Service Learning Program.
City Food Bank
Each year, the City Food Bank gives food to more than 36,000 hungry people
in our county. Some are low-income families. Others are unemployed. Still
others have had their homes destroyed by fires. As a volunteer, you will first
greet people who bring food to the Food Bank. Next, you will help unload the
food from cars and write down what was given. Then your biggest job will be
to sort food and pack it into boxes. To participate, you will need to complete a
half-hour training class that will count toward your service hours.
Teacher Coordinator: Mr. Prescott
Service Dates/Times: Mondays, October, 3:30 to 5:30 P.M.
Fill in the flow chart.
Sequence how gifts of food to the City Food Bank are handled.
Fill in the flow chart.
Sequence how gifts of food to the City Food Bank are handled.
Answers may vary.
Donor brings food.
Food is taken into
Food is sorted.
Food is packed into
Each food item is
Which of the following is not a job that you will need to do if you work at City
Food Bank?
a. greet people
b. serve food
c. pack food in boxes
d. record food gifts
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