Mesopotamia Scavenger Hunt

By William N. and Michael B.
They chose river valleys to live because would be
better for the crops and also there could be
trading through the water channels.
They used canals made of wood to control where
the water went and when they controlled it, they
sent the water to their crops.
Cuneiform was the first writing used by
Sailboats, the first written language, and razors.
60 was also what Sumerians used. Today we have
60 seconds, which is a minute, and 60 minutes,
which is a hour. All of the minutes and hours
were created by Sumerians.
A ziggurat was a temple. It usually had other
buildings connected to it. One of the main uses
was a place for priest to escape flood water and to
calm themselves.
Hammurabi was the 6th king of Babylon and also
created the first “law,” saying that if someone
kills your son, you can turn back and kill their
son. Or if someone hurts you, you can hurt them.
The Hanging Gardens in Babylon, which was a
beautiful garden with trees and plants to please
the king’s wife.
The Hitties developed a way to use iron in
swords and spears. Assyrians stole the idea of
using iron.
Director-Will N
Tech Person-Michael B
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