7 A K - lhornec2e

Science fair
Big Question
• I want to know how to make a smoke bomb so
I don’t need to spend money on the 4th of
• My hypothesis is that the smoke bomb will
smell like candy.
• you need stump remover, pan , oven ,sugar,
aluminum foil , a match or lighter , table
• Ok first you heat the stump remover then
pour some 3 ½ cups of sugar in the pan then
stir it up stir until it turns yellow then put it in
the aluminum foil and light it.
experiment data
The smoke bomb took a little while to light. My
best guess would because it did not have a
fume at all.
• My hypothesis was wrong
unfortunately. It smelt nothing
like candy. One Of my ?’s was why
dOn’t the army use these kind Of
smoke bomb.
• Youtube.com – to figure out how to
do my project
• Me , myself , and I
• Google images.