8.3 The Struggle Against Discrimination

The Struggle Against
Chapter 8 Section 3
US History EOC Review Bellwork
• Turn in your Progressive Era Essay!
• Answer the following question on your own paper
(write the question and the correct answer)
• Keep this paper – you will take your notes on it too.
• During which period in United States history were the
amendments concerning the income tax, direct election
of Senators. Prohibition, and women’s suffrage
The Gilded Age
Progressive Era
New Deal
8.3 US History Bellwork – complete on your own paper
writing the sentence AND the answer!
• The _____________ sought to help poor
urban blacks with job and housing placement.
• ______________ focused on providing aid to
Mexican Americans in the form of loans and
• ______________ is the process of
encouraging immigrants to become more like
white, middle-class Americans.
*** Put your signed progress reports that I gave you on Friday in the basket –
remember that you will receive a completion grade for this in the gradebook!!!
Today’s Agenda
• Bellwork – Vocabulary Review
• Finish 8.3 Foldable
• Know it, Show it 8.3
State Performance Indicators
• EH7.3.1 Recognize progress of political/social
reforms 1890-1930.
• EH7.9.3 Compare/contrast philosophies of Du
Bois, Washington, Garvey.
Guiding Questions
• Section Focus Question: What steps did
minorities take to combat social problems and
– What were Progressive’s attitudes towards
minority rights?
– Why did African Americans organize politically?
– What strategies were used by members of other
minority groups to defend their rights?
8.3 Foldable Assignment
• Today our goal is to complete our foldables.
– The essential question we have is “how did different
minority groups deal with the discrimination they
faced” – write this question in the center of the inside
of your foldable.
– Label each “window” of your foldable: AfricanAmericans, Jewish Americans, Native/Mexican
Americans, and Asian Americans.
– Look through your text to locate information to
answer the question of how each minority group dealt
with the discrimination they faced.
Foldable Checklist – How do I earn an “A”?
• Is my foldable labeled both inside and out?
• Did I write the guiding question inside my
• Is my information complete and in my own
• Is my writing neat and legible?
Writing Closure
• Guiding Question: What
strategies were used by
members of minority
groups to defend their
– Write a paragraph (3 – 5
sentences) in response
to the question above.
Remember to start your
paragraph by restating
part of the original
question and writing as
if your audience knows
nothing about the topic.
• Checklist:
– Do I have 3 – 5 sentences?
– Does my paragraph begin by
restating my question?
– Did I use correct grammar
and spelling to the best of my
– Did I completely answer the
– Does my writing make sense?
Quick Quiz 8.3
• You will have 10 minutes to complete the quiz
on your own – you may use your book to help
• After time is up we will enter our answers via
Progressivism Presents Contradictions
• Progressivism was mostly
a white protestant
movement whose goal
was Americanization or
making everyone conform
to the white middle-class
• Encouraged immigrants
– Give up their customs and
– Learn English
African Americans Demand Reforms
• Niagra Movement – formed by Du Bois and
Trotter and spoke out against the gradual reform
process advocated by B.T. Washington
• NAACP – formed to provide legal aid to middle
class blacks by challenging unfair laws in the
• Urban League – formed to provide employment,
housing, and relief aid to poor blacks moving to
urban areas
*** NAACP and the Urban still exist today
Reducing Prejudice and Protecting
Rights for Other Groups
• Jews
– B’nai B’rith in 1843 to provide religious education
and to give aid to Jewish families
– Anti-Defamation League formed in 1913 Its goal
was— and still is—to defend Jews and others
against physical and verbal attacks, false
statements, and “to secure justice and fair
treatment to all citizens alike. . . .”
Reducing Prejudice and Protecting
Rights for Other Groups
• Mexican Americans
– Partido Liberal Mexicano
(PLM) functioned like
the Urban League for
Mexican Americans
– Mutualistas - groups that
made loans, provided
legal assistance, and
insurance for the
Octaviano Larrazolo
Reducing Prejudice and Protecting
Rights for Other Groups
• Native Americans
– Society of American Indians formed in 1911 by
Carlos Montezuma was the first organization
formed to protect Indian rights and to protest
federal Indian policy
• Asian Americans
– Often put land in their children’s names because
Asian Immigrants could not be citizens
– Challenged the 1913 law banning citizenship in
the Supreme Court but failed
Booker T and W.E.B.
• Each of you have a copy of a poem entitled Booker T
and W.E.B.
• Your Task – Read the poem silently to yourself (3 minutes)
– One person from each table read the poem to the group (3
– Answer the following questions (8 minutes)
• What kind of education did Booker T. Washington recommend?
• What kind of education did W. E. B. Du Bois recommend?
• What are the advantages of industrial or technical education?
What are its disadvantages?
• What are the advantages of academic education? What are its
• Would you be more likely to support Du Bois's educational model
or Washington’s and why?
• Be prepared to share your answers with the class.
5 Things Musical Chairs
• Look around - On the wall there are 5 sheets of paper
• Your task
– When the music starts 1 person from each table will
• Step 1 - go to one sheet on the wall and write down one thing they
learned from this section
• Step 2 - move on to the next station and add one more thing to
that page if they can
• Step 3 – repeat until they have added one thing to each sheet
• Step 4 - when the music stops that person will sit down
– When the music starts again the next person at the table
will get up and repeat steps 1 & 2 until each person has a
chance to contribute.
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