WCMS Year2 Branding

Branding Through Imagery
Originally Presented by
Maya Bourdeau
Study Session Facilitators:
Amy Ivey & Dohnia Dorman
Four Basic Principles for Branding
To conduct image based research
Test and retest sensory cues
Choose ideas for emotional power above all else
Work within the consumer’s frame
Understanding Subconscious Cues
• We make decisions subconsciously.
• Our subconscious speaks in imagery, metaphor
and stories.
• Words describe our thoughts. Words are not our
Principle 1:
Conducting Image Based Research
• Consider the value of qualitative over
quantitative research.
• Qualitative research requires smaller samples
that quantitative.
• Hold one-on-one interviews instead of focus
• Ask for imagery and metaphor.
• Interview 6-12 people for generalization and to
discover commonalities.
Principle 2:
Test and Retest Sensory Cues
• Test and retest in smaller rounds.
• Test sensory cues in ads to get the greatest
emotional impact.
• Test early and test cheaply.
Principle 3:
Choose Ideas for Emotional Power
• Emotionally rewarding campaigns outperform
rational, information-based campaigns.
• Recall the “evoked set” (the top few brands that
come to your mind for a particular product).
• The financial sector combines emotional power
and rational power in its advertising.
Principle 4:
Work Within Consumers’ Frame
• It’s important to understand a person’s frame of
reference and work within it.
• Use the consumer’s emotional experience.
• Add simple, positive solutions for the consumer
when you use negative messaging.