Greeting Card and Memo

Competence Standard
: Menulis
8. Mengeja dan menyalin kalimat sederhana dalam
konteks sekolah
Basic Competence : 8.2 Menyalin tulisan bahasa
inggris sangat sederhana secara tepat dan
berterima seperti ucapan selamat dan pesan
Allocated time
: 4 x 35 minutes
Indicators: students can write some simple english
expressions correctly
Learning Objective : Students write some simple
english expressions
 Have you ever received a greeting card?
 Was it written in english?
 What kind of expressions are written?
Birthday expressions
 Happy birthday, wish you all the best
 May you live 10.000 years.
 Have a happy celebration, you are the most
special person of all
 Happy birthday, wish you luck and
 Etc.
Birthday greeting card
Greeting card is used to say
something to other people
who wins or celebrates
something. There are many
kinds of greeting cards, for
example, birthday greeting
card, etc.
How to make a memorable
greeting card?
1. Say something he/she had done for you
that you appreciate very much.
2. Remind the moment you share together.
3. Write in a POEM, with her/his name in it.
 Text book maestro.