Notice how the days are written in lower case in Spanish and the

Hoy es jueves , el 10 de septiembre de 2015
Today is Thursday, September 10 , 2015
DUE NOW: (As soon as entering class to fill out: Review day before)
 Take a brief Quiz. Fill out page flashcard.
 Have a pencil and an eraser
 Write name, last name and Period.
 Don’t look at your neighbor. Page will be taken away.
Due Now: short quiz. Fill out flash card in English.
Show your homework
Useful Expressions: (2 new ones)
May I use the restroom = Puedo ir al baño?.
Yes, write your name = Si, escribe tu nombre.
Practice formal and informal expressions. Show Formal and Inf. Power Pt
(use names: adults and friends)
Practice 3 ways to say you are feeling good
Practice 3 ways to say you are feeling bad
Practice 3 ways to say good-bye
 Drawing Activity: Pick a day of the week draw it and spell it.
 Practice days of the week: listen to song
 Homework. Review your flashcards.
 Draw a dialogue using a formal greeting: say How are you to a friend and
answer: good, bad and say good bye.
 EXIT TICKET When do you use usted and when do you use tu?
SWBAT (students will be able to)
 Learn how to use the formal and the informal with 100%
accuracy by using names of adults and friends.
 Practice days of the week with 100% accuracy by spelling it
to a classmate
 Get familiar with 2 new useful expressions in class.
 Puedo ir al baño?
 Si escribe tu nombre.
 Learn Formal and Informal Greetings
know 3 ways to say you are feeling good
Know 3 ways to say you are feeling bad
Know 3 ways to say good bye
Useful Expressions
Tengo una pregunta.
I have a question.
No entiendo.
I don’t understand.
Puede repetir? Por favor.
Would you repeat? Please.
Claro que sí.
Yes, of course.
Gracias. Thank you.
 Puedo ir al baño?
 May I use the restroom?
 Si, escribe tu nombre.
 Yes, write your name.
¡Buenos días! Señora Gomez
Greeting in the morning
Buenas tardes
Greeting in the afternoon
Buenas noches
Greeting in the evening
Días de la semana.
Notice how the days are written in lower case in
Spanish and the week starts with lunes.
Homework for next class
 Subscribe to Homework website and review
Review your flashcards.
Drawing Activity: write a dialogue
Use a formal greeting with an adult
Greet a friend How are you ? and answer:
Say in your answer how you are feeling:
Good or bad
Say good bye: use one of the 5 ways you learned
Spanish Alphabet song
El Abecedario (Cosmo el perrito