Where*s the BEEF?

Where’s the B.E.E.F.?
B.E.E.F . is a strategy that you can use to help you write a
complete paragraph.
Using this graphic organizer helps you to keep your writing
organized so you don’t forget to include any important parts in
your paragraphs.
Let’s Review the Parts of B.E.E.F.
“Big Idea” or Topic Sentence
Adds details to your writing. Answers “High Five”
questions of Who? What? When? Where?
A sentence that adds a personal touch to your writing. A brief
personal experience with your topic.
This is usually your last sentence. Includes a feeling sentence
where you tell your reader how you feel about your topic.
How To Use This With Your Writing…..
Today you will be using this graphic organizer!
B- “Big Idea” Sentence
My quiet place is at the beach.
E- Extension Sentence
Who? What? When? Where? Why?
Sometimes I go there in the early afternoon during the summer before
it gets too hot.
E- Elaboration Sentence
What’s your personal experience?
Can begin with “I remember a time” or “Believe it or not”
I remember a time I went to the beach and built a sandcastle. It was
as big as a human’s house.
F- Feeling Sentence
Speak from your heart.
I love going to the beach because I feel relaxed and one with nature.
Tomorrow we will use the information from this
graphic organizer and write our working copy.
Remember to use your B.E.E.F. checklist when you
edit to make sure you have all these parts for your
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