1.06A “As I Read” Graphic Organizer

Lesson 1.06A “As I Read” Graphic Organizer
For your 1.06A assignment, you are going to submit the “As I Read” graphic organizer.
In the first column below, type any questions or thoughts you have as you read “War of the Worlds”. In the
second column, record an example or detail from the story that brought about your question or thought. This
could be a direct quote from the text or a description. In the third column, note any answers you find or
conclusions you make about the examples or details you recorded in the first column. Make sure your
responses are in complete sentences. For full credit, make sure you have a minimum of 4 questions with
“As I Read” Graphic Organizer
My Questions and Thoughts as I Read Example or Detail from the Text
Answers or Conclusions