answers to Civics Test Review Packet

How should states
be represented in
New Jersey Plan
Each state gets an
equal # of representatives.
* Reps in Senate based on New Jersey plan
* Reps in House based on Virginia Plan
Virginia Plan
base it on population
How should slaves
be counted in state's
population and taxes?
population = no
taxes = no
Population = yes
taxes = no
3 out of every 5 slaves counted
for population and taxes.
Tariff - a tax on imports to encourage people to buy American products. This would protect American industry from foreign
North - for tariff - helped them compete
South - against tariff - had little Industry, had to buy majority of manufactured goods
Monarchy - born into it, total power, usually a King/Queen
Dictatorship - taken by force, total power, usually military related
Direct Democracy - people directly voted on all issues
Representative Democracy - people exercise political control and participate through elected
representatives for promoting the common
Governments should be based on the consent of the governed
Athens developed the worlds first democratic gov't - every citizen
could participate in the government by voting directly on issues on city/state levels.
Trial by Jury
Power of the government comes from the people.
1. Form a more Perfect Union
2. Establish Justice
3. Insure Domestic Tranquility
4. Provide for the Common Defense
5. Promote the General Welfare
6. Secure the Blessings of Liberty
System that divides power between the federal gov't and the states
Three branches of government, each with their own powers
A system of checks and balances that guarantee that one branch
of government does not become more powerful than the others
Consisting of two houses, especially in the legislature
To guarantee basic individual rights
Idea that the government must follow procedures established by law and
guaranteed by the Constitution
#1. - Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition
#2. - Right to bear arms
#3. - No lodging for soldiers in private homes without consent of owner
#4. - Prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures
#5. - Legal rights of people in criminal proceedings
#6. - Right to a speedy and public trial and Right to a lawyer
#7. - Right to trial by jury in civil cases
#8. - Forbids unreasonable high bail and No cruel or unusual punishment
#9. - Rights of the people
#10. - Rights of the states
voting, stay informed by reading newspaper, online news, and watching news on TV, write letter to editor, hold a public office, work on a political
campaign, volunteer (libraries, recycle, park cleanup), to know what government is doing and voice your opinion
Sign up with selective service ( 18 yrs. or older, males only), follow the laws, pay taxes,
jury duty and be a witness (if needed)
Tariffs, National taxes, taxes on goods and services
They represent the political views of different groups in society
Federalist - Ruled by the wealthy, wanted strong federal government, manufacturing, loose
interpretation of Constitution, British alliance, National bank, Protective tariffs
Democratic-Republicans - Rule by the people, strong state government, agriculture, strict interpretation of Constitution, French
Alliance, State banks, free trade (no tariffs)
An earlier event or action regarded as an example or guide to be considered in
subsequent similar circumstances
* 2 - term presidency
Use of force to enforce the law (Whiskey Rebellion)
Establishment of Presidential Cabinet
How to address the President
First to be inaugurated and First to make an inauguration speech
NATO (North America Trade Organization)
United Nations