Carolyne R.

Isagenix Founders
John Anderson
Jim Coover
Kathy Coover
Founder &
Master Formulator
Executive President
& Owner
Executive VP
& Owner
Isagenix Vision
“Our vision is to impact
world health and free
people from physical and
financial pain while in the
process create the largest
health and wellness
company in the world.”
What Does Wealth Mean
to You?
Create Wealth. You Can Do it Too!
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results
Dave M.
Emily V.
Carolyne R.
10-Star Platinum, Isagenix Millionaire
(Average Income: $975,240 - $1,111,773)
9-Star Platinum, Isagenix Millionaire
(Average Income: $835,920 - $972,453)
8-Star Platinum, Isagenix Millionaire
(Average Income: $696,600 - $833,133)
Former Mechanic
Former Rehabilitation Specialist
Former Flight Attendant
Median Salary: $26,410**)
Median Salary: $40,000**)
Median Salary: $42,340**)
*Earning levels for Isagenix® Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are
dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix
Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at as of 3/2013.
** Salary Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2012)
Create Wealth. You Can Do it Too!
Characteristics of our Top Leaders
• Hard-working
• Dedicated
• Persistent
• Never give up
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You May Be Asking Yourself…
Can I do This?
Do I Have Time To Do This?
Is it Worth It?
Set your pay
Low start-up costs
Be your own boss
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90-day Game Plan for
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90-Day Game Plan Success
Crystal Director Reset
• For Associates, who
weren’t able to
complete “You+Two,
Them+2” three times
within 90 days of
enrollment, you and
your team members
have a second
chance to achieve the
Crystal Director rank
Available in US, CA, PR, AUS, NZ, MX and CO
August 24 - December
7, 2014
$750 Crystal Director
Keys to Successful Connecting
1. Who do you know that can benefit from our
2 Review your call list the night before and look
for your potential ‘A’ players.
3. Create curiosity.
4. Immediate follow up.
Call Your List
“______________, I made a list of all of the people
in my life who are exceptional and you are one of
I am launching a project over the next 90 days. I
am working with a talented team of people that
want to create more freedom in their lives.
I have a short video I would like you to watch.
Can you watch it in the next hour and I will call you
Create Urgency
• Keep the initial call short.
• If the person is able – ask them to watch right
• Set the appointment to follow up within an hour.
• Use the right video for each person.
• Get them to a launch party, one-on-one or large
event if possible
Follow Up
Did You Know?
• 44% of all salespeople quit trying after the first
• 24% quit after the second call
• 14% after the third call
• 12% after the fourth call
• 60 % of all sales are made after the fourth
Source: The Success Principles
Follow Up – Ask Questions
• Did you have a chance to watch the video I sent
• What intrigued you the most… the products or
the business?
• We have created all the systems for you to build
your business. We can show you how to be on
the fast track to success.
• Can I answer any questions for you in order for
you to give this a try?
I am very excited to be able to work with you to
achieve your goals.
I will coach you and help you become successful.
We have all the systems in place for you to have
massive success.
Are you ready to get started?
They take Visa, MasterCard and American
All the product comes with 100% money back
Practice Follow Up & Asking
for more information
Call to Action
• 90-Day Game Plan
– Plug in to the current 30-Day Blitz
– Listen to kickoff call
• Call information (641)715-3490 Code 9000#
• Go Crystal Director, Develop a Crystal
• Start connecting using what you learned